LiveGrow Bio and IALR partner on microbial biological solutions


The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) and LiveGrow Bio have partnered to develop microbial biostimulant and biocontrol solutions for the agriculture industry.

Pending successful testing, the potential new products could enter commercial production on an accelerated timeline, offering growers natural, healthy alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

As part of the agreement, IALR will provide LiveGrow Bio some of IALR’s most promising plant endophytes, or beneficial bacteria that were once living inside plants. These extracted microorganisms are from the library of more than 2,000 endophytes collected, characterized and researched by IALR’s Plant Endophyte Research Center, the first of its kind in the U.S. The plant endophytes serve as biostimulants by naturally stimulating plant growth and health, reducing the need for chemical fertilizer use and offering sustainable agricultural solutions. They also serve as biocontrol agents by contributing to natural pest control, providing a healthier alternative to chemical pesticides and improving the environment and soil quality.

LiveGrow Bio will provide a low-cost microbial manufacturing and formulation platform designed to maintain and administer the benefits of the endophytes. Of particular advantage is the innovative platform’s ability to accommodate hard-to-formulate and -store biologicals based on Gram-negative bacteria. Most commonly, today’s biologicals integrate Gram-positive bacteria and fungi that produce spores, which allows them to be stored and have a shelf life. The often more efficient Gram-negative bacteria do not produce spores, making them poor candidates for the market in spite of their known high efficacy in the field. LiveGrow Bio’s platform provides an effective production, formulation and delivery solution, which allows them to utilize any Gram-negative as a commercial product and expands opportunities for more diverse and highly effective product development options.

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