Wilbur-Ellis begins semi-exclusive distribution of Vestaron’s Spear-Lep


Wilbur-Ellis has entered into a distribution agreement with Vestaron Corporation to semi-exclusively distribute Spear-Lep, Vestaron’s peptide-based bioinsecticide.

Spear-Lep is a peptide-based bioinsecticide for broad spectrum lepidopteran control on tree fruit, nuts, vines and vegetables. The IRAC Group 32 biological offers a novel mode of action and a resistance management tool for the stewardship of certain major synthetic chemistries while still allowing growers to maintain biological safety profiles and control lepidopteran pests in their apple and almond orchards.

Spear-Lep has been evaluated in 60-plus field trials across North America and has consistently controlled pests equivalent to mainstream synthetic chemistries.

Vestaron Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ben Cicora said, “Vestaron sees this new partnership with Wilbur-Ellis as a critical milestone for our U.S. commercialization efforts with Spear-Lep. Growers are looking to Wilbur-Ellis for new progressive solutions in these markets and Spear-Lep is the first of many new active ingredients in the coming years.”

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