TechAccel subsidiary RNAissance Ag completes acquisition of RNAgri


Ag tech and equity development company TechAccel based in the USA has announced that its subsidiary RNAissance Ag has completed an asset acquisition of RNAgri, an ag biotech start-up based in St Louis.

RNAgri has developed a platform for the cost-effective production of RNA for use in topical RNA-interference (RNAi) products, including biopesticides, says TechAccel. Formerly known as APSE Inc, RNAgri was founded in 2011.

TechAccel and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center have partnered since 2017 to develop proprietary pesticidal RNAi technology with broad pesticidal application. In January 2019, TechAccel founded the biopesticide startup RNAissance Ag, which has the exclusive worldwide license to the technology.

The primary focus of RNAissance Ag will be to bring sprayable RNA pesticides to the market, including against pests such as the Diamondback Moth. No previous RNAi product has been effective against the Diamondback Moth, according to TechAccel.

Terms of the asset acquisition were not disclosed.

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