Iran invests in irrigation, greenhouses


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last week inaugurated three major agricultural projects valued at 34 trillion rials (about $809.5 million) via video conference in three provinces, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported.

The projects include an irrigation system in southern Hormozgan Province, 4,040 hectares of gardens in the sloping lands of western Lorestan Province, and a greenhouse complex in the central Yazd Province.

As one of the largest irrigation projects in the country, the first phase of Minab plain irrigation network project was inaugurated with the aim of optimal utilization of water resources and agricultural development for various products like eggplant, onion, pepper and watermelon, wheat, canola and sunflower.

According to the Head of Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization Masoud Mansour, in the past two years over 60,000 hectares of gardens have been established in sloping and low-yield lands across the country, which has consequently created 20,000 jobs and increased production by 183,000 tons.

The greenhouse complex inaugurated in Arnan village in Yazd is established in an area of 15,000 square metres by the private sector and with government support. In the greenhouse, about 600 tons of lettuce and cabbage are produced annually, which in addition to meeting the needs of Yazd, are also sent to other provinces.



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