Kwizda Agro signs agreement for registration and distribution of novel biofungicide in Central Europe


Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud signed an exclusive co-operation agreement that allows the Austrian plant protection producer to develop, register and distribute the biological foliar fungicide UPSIDE in Central Europe.

UPSIDE is based on a complex of active molecules produced from yeast fragments (ABE-IT-56), providing downy mildew control by triggering the plants immune system, helping it to defend itself faster and more robustly against pathogens. The registration of UPSIDE in Central European markets is planned for 2023.

“With Jouffray-Drillaud we have a strong development partner, who allows us to bring the new foliar biofungicide UPSIDE, a new tool for downy mildew control, to conventional and biological wine producers,” said Catalina Bardewyk, business unit head, new technologies at Kwizda Agro.

“After having worked closely with Kwizda Agro during the last few years, we are convinced that this partnership will enable UPSIDE to become a biopesticide reference product on the major European markets,” said Luc Saint-Bonnet, CEO of Jouffray-Drillaud.



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