Israel’s CropX acquires New Zealand-based Regen


Israeli soil sensing and data analytics startup CropX has acquired New Zealand-based Regen, a cloud-based, precision effluent and irrigation decision support tool company.

The acquisition marks CropX’s foray into the New Zealand market. According to AgFunderNews, CropX has longstanding ties to the region through its original funders, a group of angel investors in the New Zealand ag community, and additional investor Finistere Ventures. Firm co-founder Arama Kukutai hails from New Zealand and maintains ties to the region that helped CropX seal the deal.

Analyzing soil data and integrating it with crop models, satellite imagery and weather forecasts, the CropX farm management platform seeks to help farmers around the globe cut crop-input costs by driving water, fertilizer, energy and labour savings. Using IoT technology, CropX provides proprietary soil sensing technology and what it describes as a feature-rich decision support platform built by in-house agronomic, data science and software teams.

The acquisition also adds a new service to CropX’s offerings: effluent irrigation.

Regen delivers over 200,000 client recommendations annually based on its soil data and decision support platform.

The acquisition adds over 130,000 acres to CropX’s platform and over a decade of in-depth farm data from operations in New Zealand. According to Tomer Tzach, CropX CEO, farmers have to manage the large quantities of manure that they collect in their operations. This includes proper disposal to prevent harmful runoff into local waterways or leaching into the soil.

“Effluent irrigation saves water and uses the manure as fertilizer. If you can do it properly, it solves two problems at once,” he said.



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