Ceradis and ADAMA partner to develop new crop protection product


Ceradis B.V and ADAMA Ltd. have signed an agreement to bring a next generation crop protection product to market. This new product will leverage Ceradis’ patented poly-electrolyte matrix (PEM) formulation technology to increase the effectiveness of one of ADAMA’s key active ingredients. This differentiated, innovative product addresses large and growing crop diseases which continue to impact both farm yields and farmer economics.

"The crop protection industry is facing significant pressure in reducing use-rates of active ingredients,” says Willem-Jan Meulemeesters, CEO of Ceradis. “Therefore, it is vital for crop protection manufacturers to continually innovate in order to bring sustainable solutions to market that lessen not only human risk but the environmental footprint of chemical usage around the globe while keeping the performance and ease of use farmers expect. With this agreement, we will deliver our first commercial product based on this technology with the intention of more innovations to follow.”

Ceradis has created the poly-electrolyte matrix (PEM) formulation technology which can act as an “enabler” to form a wide variety of different crop protection products. Ceradis has demonstrated it can increase the efficacy of certain active ingredients two- to fourfold by incorporating them into a poly-electrolyte matrix.

The PEM itself is a matrix with heterogeneous gaps which can hold different fungicidal particles. The poly-electrolyte matrix consists of a combination of a polycation and a polyanion. The PEM itself also offers functional benefits in use. By holding the active ingredients in the matrix, it improves dispersal and release.

Due to its film forming nature upon drying, PEM can also provide improved adherence to a substrate (such as a leaf or a seed), thereby improving rain-fastness and extending the window of protection against the target pests.

“The collaboration between Ceradis and ADAMA has resulted in a promising new product which offers superior performance towards a key crop disease”, said Yoav Avidor, MD, head of formulations and delivery technologies at ADAMA. “The relationship with Ceradis is an excellent example of our commitment to utilize new and innovative technologies that significantly improve the delivery of active ingredients to their target, thus reducing use-rates and environmental footprint, while preserving crop protection activity and food supply.



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