Orbia announces first corporate venture capital investment in SeeTree


Orbia, a global leader in specialty products and innovative solutions for building and infrastructure, precision agriculture, healthcare delivery and data communications, announced its first investment for Orbia Ventures.

Through this fund, Orbia works in collaboration with startups who share its vision for introducing cutting edge innovation and smart technology solutions. Orbia Ventures has invested $3 million in SeeTree, a leading player in the agriculture tech space with a focus on tree farming, and a goal of providing farmers with individual, per-tree insights to optimize resource usage in terms of land, water, fertilizers and crop protection.

Orbia's precision agriculture business group Netafim will incorporate SeeTree into its digital farming offering and support the development of SeeTree's solutions.

From agronomic and business decisions to the management of farming operations, SeeTree provides advanced and comprehensive data intelligence network in agricultural technology by pairing best-in-class tools with expert execution teams. With a strong focus on providing data in the aggregate, SeeTree continues to drive value on farming decision-making.

With the use of military grade drones, ground sensors, AI and machine learning tools, and boots-on-the-ground data collection, SeeTree's end-to-end solution offers a multi-layered data collection strategy introducing new resources for keeping trees healthy and maximizing their productivity at low costs. The company's holistic approach represents a significant market advantage compared to those who specialize in select disciplines.

In over 110 markets and more than 50 countries, Orbia's community of businesses is providing solutions that demonstrate that a future in which people, planet and profits thrive is within its sightline.


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