IBMA elects new president


The International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) has elected Biobest’s Herman Van Mellaert as president.

Van Mellaert will take over from Sylvia Plak, the out-going president, at the beginning of January 2021. Under IBMA rules, board positions are held for a term of 2 years. An incumbent can serve for a further 2 terms, so a maximum of 6 years.

Van Mellaert has held various senior leadership positions within the European life-sciences and biocontrol industry, and his current role is Director of Strategic Alliances at the Biobest Group.

“The need for a more sustainable agricultural and horticultural industry, operating in harmony with a clean and biodiverse environment, has never been more pressing,” says Herman Van Mellaert who has a PhD in insect physiology. “Policy makers, in formulating ambitious goals - such as the European Green Deal and ‘Farm to Fork’ Strategy - show their trust in the biocontrol industry’s capacity to deliver new solutions."

“IBMA is delighted to welcome Herman Van Mellaert to the role as President,” says Jennifer Lewis, IBMA Executive Director. “His broad technical experience and insight into the regulatory process - together with proven business leadership, entrepreneurial and networking skills will be invaluable in helping IBMA deliver the very best for its members, as well as helping to accelerate the transition to sustainable food systems while building back biodiversity with a neutral or positive environmental impact.”

At the 16 November AGM, members also voted for a second term for the incumbent Treasurer Karine Grosbeau, who has worked in biocontrol for 15 years and is currently Head of Regulatory and Registration with Elephant Vert and is Chair of the Regulatory Working Group in IBMA France.


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