Viridix secures $400,000 grant for precision irrigation improvements


Viridix, an Israeli precision irrigation company, has received a $400,000 grant from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) to enhance the remote sensing and AI capabilities of its RooTense solution.

The company states RooTense can increase crop yields by 20 percent while reducing water and fertilizer usage up to 50 percent. The Authority's grant funds will also be used to scale production and distribution.

“The partnership with IIA is a strong indication of the Israel Innovation Authority’s commitment to the success of Viridix,” said Tal Maor, CEO of Viridix. “Our ability to execute on global partnerships with some of the largest players in the irrigation industry will increase with this grant.”
Viridix began with an innovative sensor technology used to measure soil moisture. Through pairing with the latest software to understand the type of plant, age of the plant and soil type, Viridix can better respond to crop needs and apply the optimal amount of water.
The latest solutions of Viridix are targeted at 70 percent of the world’s freshwater that is used to irrigate agriculture. The solution requires minimum care and is autonomous, requires no initial programming to set up and will self-adjust as required.

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