Plant Response expands portfolio with WISErg acquisition


Plant Response, Inc. has acquired WISErg, a Seattle-area startup that has pioneered upcycling nutrients from recovered food for use in fertilizer and nutrient efficiency products that enhance plant and soil health.

This acquisition is the third as Plant Response strategically builds the industry’s broadest, most robust platform of biologicals and nutrient efficiency technologies

“Biologicals provide potential to help solve some of the biggest challenges faced in food production and the environment including improving soil health and better use of limited resources,” said Tom Snipes, CEO of Plant Response. “WISErg has a patented way of capturing and stabilizing recovered food to then convert it into nutrients that are readily available for the plant and soil to use. The technology has amazing potential across crop types and regions, in addition to the footprint they already have on organic acres across the U.S. and Mexico. We anticipate scaling its use on significantly more acres domestically and internationally.”
Snipes says accelerating adoption of biologicals has benefits to plants, farmers and the environment. This could provide high quality sources of nutrients that are critical for healthy plant growth. Fertilizers and nutrient enhancement products provide a “balanced diet” that is beneficial for plants and soil and can substantially increase the amount of carbon that can be sequestered per acre. Combining all of this with the proprietary development platform Plant Response has will offer the ability to discover new metabolites that drive higher yields and greater nutrient efficiency across crop types.
“The depth of expertise Plant Response offers in understanding plant physiology, biostatistics and cellular response will allow us to take the WISErg products to a new level and find other novel offerings,” said WISErg COO Sherin Rehmat.
Plant Response company’s headquarters is in Raleigh, North Carolina (U.S.) and has offices in Madrid (Spain); Plant City, Forida; and Redmond, Washington.
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