Valley Irrigation acquires PivoTrac


Valley Irrigation has acquired PivoTrac, an ag tech company based in the Texas Panhandle. PivoTrac offers solutions focused on remote monitoring of centre pivot irrigation machines.

According to Andy Carritt, vice president and general manager, global irrigation technology for Valley Irrigation, the acquisition advances the company’s technology strategy and solidifies its leadership position by increasing its number of connected agricultural devices to more than 123,000. He said each connected device adds to the cumulative, positive effect that Valley solutions are having toward the company mission of conserving resources and improving life.

“Ever since we founded the centre pivot industry, we have been advancing agricultural productivity, helping growers produce greater yields with fewer water and energy resources,” said Carritt.
An average farmer drives 20 miles round trip for a single pivot check, noted Carritt, so through the Valley user base of 123,000 connected devices, about 890 MT of CO2 has been saved due to the ability to manage pivots from anywhere at any time. Plus, compared to traditional irrigation methods, Carritt said Valley solutions conserve 3.9 trillion gallons of fresh water per year, which is enough water to fill Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming.
“The future of agriculture is sustainable technology,” Carritt adds. “More growers are trusting the resource efficiency and return on investment that technology provides, and more growers trust Valley to deliver the most advanced, reliable technological solutions on the market.”
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