Invaio Sciences signs agreement with Fundecitrus to combat citrus greening


Invaio Sciences, Inc. has signed an agreement with Fundecitrus (Fund for Citrus Protection), located in Araraquara, Brazil, to evaluate the use of a novel natural peptide to control Huanglongbing (HLB, citrus greening) in Brazilian citrus trees.

The agreement will leverage Fundecitrus’ expertise in citrus grove and pest management to evaluate application details of the novel peptide maSAMP in locally relevant conditions. The peptide, developed by Dr. Hailing Jin of the University of California Riverside, and licensed for global commercialization by Invaio, has previously been proven under greenhouse conditions to reduce the multiplication of pathogen that causes HLB, a severe plant disease carried by the Asian citrus psyllid.
Founded 44 years ago in the state of São Paulo, Fundecitrus promotes the sustainable development of citrus production in Brazil. Through its research facilities, field trials in commercial orchards, and more than 130 staff and research members, Fundecitrus has been leading efforts to ensure Brazilian citrus growers have access to the latest technologies, techniques and information enabling the sustainable production of citrus products.
According to Peleg Chevion, president and chief commercial officer at Invaio Sciences, Brazil is currently the largest producer of oranges in the world, with 17 million tons of the fruit produced annually (21 percent of global production) and supplying over 50 percent of global juice production
“The collaboration will focus on the application of Invaio’s pioneering technologies to evaluate efficacy and assess measurable improvements to tree health,” notes Chevion. “We are already testing the technology in field trials in Florida. The goal of the Fundecitrus collaboration is to bring the benefit of this game changing technology to Brazil, as well as to other citrus growing regions, which have already suffered, or are expected to suffer immense losses from the devastating effects of the HLB disease.”

New AG International November/December 2020


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