GreenLight acquires Bayer’s topical RNA intellectual property portfolio


GreenLight Biosciences has acquired rights to portions of Bayer’s topical RNA intellectual property portfolio. These assets include bee health capabilities to protect against Varroa mites, a major threat to honeybees.

The RNA-based Varroa mite control advance allows beekeepers to directly target the Varroa mite without harming the honeybee.

According to the company, GreenLight’s cell-free method enables the company to produce low-cost, high-quality, high-scale RNA in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
According to Andrey Zarur, CEO and founder of GreenLight Biosciences, the company is working to address “humanity’s greatest challenges, from producing vaccines to protecting bees and other beneficial insects like ladybugs. The Covid vaccine has shown just how well scientific advances can be used to protect our health,” said Zarur. “We can use the same advances to help keep bees healthy – as if we are inoculating whole hives of bees.”
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