Indigo Agriculture acquires Soil Metrics


Indigo Agriculture has acquired Soil Metrics, a technology for soil carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment in agricultural soils. The companies have already been collaborating on the registry-approved soil carbon methodologies in use by the Carbon by Indigo program.

Indigo’s digital and technological capabilities and network of ag partners will help scale and enhance Soil Metrics’ biogeochemical modeling. In turn, Soil Metrics will be able to leverage Indigo’s resources to improve and expand upon its soil carbon modeling capabilities.

Together, Indigo and Soil Metrics will develop further understanding of soil carbon and its potential as a climate solution, including opportunities to optimize carbon farming practices, provide improved modeling services to a greater range of third parties to address a broader set of industry sustainability opportunities (including maximizing agricultural lands' role as a carbon sink, decreasing nitrous oxide and methane outputs in farming, and maximizing financial value for farmers through the optimized production of registry-issued agricultural carbon credits or low carbon commodities), and to foster ongoing discovery within the scientific community by expanding existing focus on collaboration with global scientific institutions under the guidance of Dr. Keith Paustian, who also joins Indigo as a scientific advisor.
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New AG International November/December 2020

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